PhD Students Workshop: Humanities and Social Sciences Facing the Unexpected

A PhD Students Workshop organized by EHESS and CEFRES will be held on the following subject:

Humanities and Social Sciences Facing the Unexpected.

It will be held online and at CEFRES on Monday April 12, 9 am – 7 pm.

Coordination: Falk Bretschneider (EHESS), Jérôme Heurtaux (CEFRES)

Supervisors: Michèle Baussant (CEFRES, CNRS), Falk Bretschneider (EHESS), Emmanuel Désveaux (EHESS), Jérôme Heurtaux (CEFRES), Pavel Himl (FHS UK), Claire Madl (CEFRES), Silvia Sebastiani (EHESS)

You’ll find the call and more informations on CEFRES’s website:

Propositions should be sent by March 15th, 2021 to the following addresses: and