Faculty of Science, Charles University (Přírodovědecká fakulta UK) & STARS programme

Faculty of Science, Charles University belongs to the leading research institution in the Czech Republic. It is known for its rich history and the number of famous scientists who have worked here including the Nobel prize laureates Einstein and Heyrovsky. The members of its research groups are authors or co-authors of publications in the most prestigious journals including Nature and Science. The Faculty of Science provides education and teaching in the field of biological, environmental, geographical, geological and chemical sciences and it is one of the premier educational institutions at Charles University as well as within the entire Czechia in terms of the range of its programmes, number of students and number of graduates.

Become a STAR at science in Prague!

The internationalisation of science and pursuit of greater mobility of academic personnel is the driver behing the effort geared toward bringing on board also new talented doctoral students who earned their master’s degree at other institutions, preferably abroad. For this reason Faculty of Science has launched its program Supporting Talented PhD Research Student from oll over the world – STARS. The most interesting and promising topics from the most relevant areas of science and research pursued at the Faculty of Science are included in the STARS programme based on the research board selection.The research teams (in following fields: biology, chemistry, geology, geography, environmental studies) that publish STARS calls are usually international and sponsored by prominent personalities and the project topics address current issues and are competitive in the context of the current science.

The STARS programme annually makes several dozen (30–50) project calls and the additional financial support for the researchers is usually provided during the standard term of the doctoral studies.Students are members of research teams from the very beginning of their studies; thanks to the support under the programme, they can focus on their research projects intensively and they usually successfully complete their doctoral studies during the standard period. The STARS program guarantees that the student will receive at least 20500 CZK/month (equivalent of cca 800 EUR/month). The actual income may exceed this amount, depending on the specific funding of each individual project.

Do you want to contribute to new discoveries in science? Join us in the STARS program. The information about the STARS projects and positions is published on a separate website. There you can find detailed information on the various research projects as well as about the candidate selection process, admission for studies and life at the Faculty, and they can submit and administer their programme applications directly. New calls with the application deadline March 13th 2022 were published on January 11th 2022.

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