In accordance with the The Competitive Hiring Process Code of Charles University, the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University announces opening of the following position with submission deadline September 15, 2024

Application Instructions

Please send the application and the required documents in digital form to the e-mail address positions@matfyz.cuni.cz. The job code of the position for which the application is being submitted should be indicated in the subject line.

If any recommendation letters are required, the applicant is responsible to ensure that they are sent to the same e-mail address positions@matfyz.cuni.cz. The subjects of these e-mails should also contain the job offer code.


  • Scientific and pedagogical work in physics focusing on the physics of polymers, polymeric networks and hydrogels. The applicant will participate in research within the ongoing research projects of the workplace and will work to expand his/her own research portfolio. He/she will also participate in the teaching of basic physics subjects of bachelor studies. An academic degree of Ph.D. is required in the relevant field. It is assumed that the applicant has already published his/her results in the field of polymeric networks and hydrogels and has experience with the characterization of these types of materials. A list of the candidate’s relevant publications will be attached to the application. Furthermore, the ability to combine scientific activity and pedagogical activities is required: (i) lectures, exercises and seminars in Czech and English, and (ii) supervision of bachelor’s, diploma and doctoral theses.


  • macromolecular physics, physics of polymers

Required Documents

  • structured CV
  • evidence of education, scientific and pedagogical degrees and scientific ranks
  • list of scientific and publication activity
  • motivation letter

Job offer code: 202409-VP2-MFF-KMF-044
Published: 2024-06-24
Starting date by agreement: Yes
Hours per week: 20
Duration: 3 years
Pay grade: VP2
Contract for an indefinite period: No